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Using Mobile Apps To Unite Cultures, One Game At A Time.

We employ several design, development and deployment methodologies for our games, as we seek to reach mobile gamers via the App Store and Google Play globally. The first mobile entertainment game being brought to the market by our SoftStorms franchise is Go Pharaoh®


Go Pharaoh® is a multi-platform 3-D strategy game odyssey where plucky players (“Pharaohz”) vie for the privilege of building pyramids. Invite family and friends via Facebook. Or compete against random players online via Game Center, outsmarting and outrunning your adversaries in this modern strategy game. Set in the glorious Ancient Civilization of Egypt, Go Pharaoh® (and it’s tabletop board game counterpart, sold separately) combines elements of randomness via traditional dice mechanics with good old brain work and digital Role Play Gaming (“RPG”) for a contest that can be completed in 30 minutes, or go on for hours! Run for your life in Go Pharaoh® to be entombed ahead of your competitors. Of course, nothing is quite so much fun as being buried alive and, as a Pharaoh, you may take this burial business a bit too seriously. Be the first to build a Pyramid, collecting gems. But beware the QURSE? Qards, with their pernicious plagues and commands to fend off cranky crocs, hungry hippos, spitting snakes, and lots more. After all, it wouldn’t quite be Ancient Egypt without them, would it? Go Pharaoh®, a role playing game, will soon be available for download from Google Play (Market) for Android phone users, and the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad users. Windows users, worry not. We’ll be working on a Windows Store version soon.

Our next upcoming game app, due to be released in September, 2014, will be Snappy Diver. If you like Fingersoft’s Hill Climb Racing, you will love Snappy Diver. How deep do you dare to dive? Take the plunge, head first, and find out if you have the mettle, in Snappy Diver, described by one beta gamer as “Flappy Bird on steroids.”. You might be rewarded with a gemstone or two. Even better, you might attract a mermaiden or dugong for company in those depths. But, not so fast. Watch out for the jagged rocks, the unexploded ordnance, the secretive crustaceans, and yes, a shark or two! It’s on thing to conquer the abyss; it’s quite another thing to make it back to the surface alive without decompression sickness! We invite you to download  Snappy Diver starting September, 2014 from the Apple Store and Google Play. This multiplayer game app will make your hair stand on end, yet leave you grinning like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland!

Launching closely on the heels of Snappy Diver, an as-yet untitled mobile game app will be released around the end of October, 2014. You plan on going Trick-or-Treating this year, aren’t you? You’ll be ready to take the biggest bag and go tramping door-to-door in search of candy and other goodies. Well, not so fast!, Sweet-Tooth Did you ever wonder where Halloween really came from? Well, this is your chance to find out. But, be careful. Emong are among you, ready to pounce on a moment’s notice. Whatever you do, don’t throw a lime out into your backyard. You may get more than you bargained for. Howl! Okay, we can’t give away the whole story just yet, but it just might be a thriller, a ballad, a fantasy, and an epic saga all rolled into one. It spawned from our childhood memories of delectable daydreams and noxious nightmares. We aspire in this game to vaguely emulate snippets of Tim Burton’s Jack Skeleton creativity, and reprise Michael Jackson’s genius which spawned MTV. Admittedly, those are the toughest acts to follow. Stay tuned.

The next title thereafter to be released under our SoftStorms mantle is projected to be Fort Raider, a Toy Defense 3 type of game. Unfortunately, for those of you looking to see Laura Croft in action due to the vague similarity between the game titles, the protagonist is not Angelina Jolie. In this Clash Of Clans style game, meet the indomitable Castle Conqueror,  ‘As-In-Many,’ an African Warrior who, aided by a fetish priest, attacks stronghold after stronghold all over Africa, conquering the colonial castles, and uniting tribes against the invaders.  Fort Raider will be available towards the end of the year for download from Google Play for Android phone users, and the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad users.




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