Who We Are


SoftStorms, LLC seeks to distinguish itself from among the thousands of mobile game app companies which have sprung up within the past few years. We were founded because we noticed how few mobile gaming apps existed which could trace their heritage to African American or Latino culture.  SoftStorms was founded with one main objective: create the most exciting mobile entertainment game apps practical, but with a cultural flavor. Not quite edutainment, our game apps are designed first of all to be played among friends online using social media. We try, in rating our games as suitable for players between ages 4 and 104, to reach the broadest possible audience.  As our name suggests, we hope to softly storm onto your mobile phone. Our emphasis is on design, and all our games typically involve rich 3D graphics, an interesting storyline, and a medley of historical and geographical factoids. Explore our constantly evolving website. And may Soft Storms be with you!

It’s no secret that SoftStorms has been family-owned, operated and oriented since the very beginning. We started our company in late 2013 with a simple mission: Make the most entertaning games we could imagine. We’ve grown a bit, but we still have that family feel, and that means a commitment and a relationship to our gamers. We want our gamers to agree that we offer excellent entertainment, with the hilarious touch you’ve come to expect from fellow gamers like us. For us, it’s about community; the community of online mobile gaming, that can look to SoftStorms for great gaming experience. We want to make sure you’re happy with what we offer, and that you pass on your happiness to friends and family alike. Our philosophy is simple: If we give gamers gems, they’ll be back for more. Tell us how to make your mobile diversions better. Our brand of quality extends all the way back to inception; that foundation is built on constructive criticism from our trusted tester-gamers. Tell us how to build our business by continuing to offer exceptional edutaining excitement. May Soft Storms be with you!

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